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Board Games

Shannon primarily designs family and light strategy board games, with a smattering of tabletop puzzle games, for hobby and mass market audiences. She also works with companies, nonprofits, and educational institutions to create educational games for in-house training and promotional use.

Star Trek: Cryptic


Published by Funko Games

Climb the ranks of Star Fleet and explore strange new worlds in the puzzle-filled, action-packed escape room game!

Sally Face: Strange Boxes


Published by Maestro Media

Strange things are happening in Nockfell! Solve puzzles and collect one-of-a-kind t-shirts and merch in this set of 12 subscription boxes based on the Sally Face digital game.

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Currently Licensed Games

Conundrum series


Licensed by Spin Master

A puzzling series of escape room card games.
Includes 3 53-card games (Carnival Caper, Candy Factory & Creative Academy) and a 10-card demo game.

Storybook Adventures


Licensed by KTBG

Once upon a time, a team of brave adventurers explored the land, working together to overcome obstacles, defeat villains, and find their happily ever after. Choose your character and cooperate with other heroes, sharing your friendship and using your special abilities to tell a  unique story with every game.

Gem Quest


Licensed by Th3rd World Studios

A cooperative adventure game featuring dice drafting, skill building, and light combat in an approachable, family-friendly design.

Board Games: Projects


Candy Calamity

Screen Shot 2023-10-09 at 11.45.14 AM.png

Real time, simultaneous, dice rolling and set collection mini-games.
Battle your friends for your favourite candy in this quick-playing tournament of champions. Win the most mini-games and walk away with the glory and the sweets!

Tabby Tumble

Screen Shot 2024-04-01 at 2.37.58 PM.png

A competitive, family-friendly filler of rescuing and rehoming stray cats.
Tabby Tumble is a light strategy, engine-building dice game that plays in under 20 minutes. Draft your dice to rescue stray cats, feed and love them, and eventually (if you can bear to!) find them new homes.

Board Games: Projects
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