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An asymmetric cooperative game for 4 players

The newest addition to your award-winning theme park is a haunted house ride, but the building is already occupied by 999 not-so-happy haunts! Work as a team to assemble a crowd-pleasing attraction before the resident ghosts can chase you away.

A puzzling series of escape room card games

The citizens of Conundrum love their puzzles. As a newcomer to town, investigate strange occurrences, puzzle out the problem, and solve the mystery!

Includes 3 53-card games (Carnival Caper, Candy Factory & Creative Academy) and a 10-card demo game.

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Speed Safari

Real time, simultaneous, dice rolling and set collection mini-games

As you speed along the dusty trail, focus your camera and quickly snap pictures of the animals you see. Race your friends to the perfect shot before the click of the camera scares the animals away!

Canterbury Plains

18-card game of herding sheep, area control & clever card placement

Build fences to gather your sheep in pastures where your colour of flower is dominant to raise the largest herd on the Canterbury Plains.

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Bidding and building on a rotating board

As the partial owner of the Gemini Mining Station, bid on new construction to attract workers and visitors. But only *your* quarter of the station counts for income and scoring. If you get outbid, well, no one will notice if the outer ring spins just a little...

A game of puzzling polyominos and packing for vacation

In a busy airport, rodent travellers rush to their destinations. But suddenly, a collision and suitcases scatter! Gather the items to suit your destination and fit them in your suitcase before the plane takes off.

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